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Comfort In A Bag - The Bamboo Pillows by VistaShops

Comfort In A Bag - The Bamboo Pillows by VistaShops

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Fulfilled by our friends at VistaShops

Comfort  In A Bag The Bamboo Pillows.

The most comfortable Bamboo Pillows are here and they are all yours! They come with all natural multi layer memory foam and bamboo cover cases.

The memory foam fibers are dense and firm so the Bamboo Pillow will never go flat and the pillow zipper covers are Eco Friendly , removable as well as machine washable, that keep your pillows cooler wash after wash, just tumble dry and they are fresh to use again.

The Bamboo Pillow can take care of all the tossing and turning caused from insomnia , snoring and restlessness due to asthma, as the naturally hypoallergenic foam is bacteria free and makes breathing easy . No more migraines and stiff necks now.. the Bamboo pillows can keep your spine in a great shape too as your back is rested throughout the night and you feel like a new person next morning after a good night sleep you always need.

Experience the Comfort in A Bag Bamboo Pillows.. get it in a Queen or King Size. Buy them in pairs , it is logical and saves on shipping charges too.

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